Soul-enriching Tour of the Awe-inspiring Historic Spots in Kyoto!
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This enlightening tour of renowned Japanese temples and shrines in the ancient capital will give you an insight into the profundities and intricacies of Japanese spirit. The itinerary includes a visit to the awe-inspiring Sanjusangendo Temple(三十三間堂), the magnificent Heian Shrine(平安神宮), and the stately Nijo Castle(二条城). The aesthetic landscape and architectural wonders of historic interest will give you a glimpse of traditional Japanese art and religion, which will definitely broaden your cultural horizons. You cannot miss those overwhelming Buddhist images, the Shinto shrine, and the splendid castle with gardens! Let's enjoy the soul-enriching-and-purifying tour of the cultural heritage sites in the ancient capital of Japan!

三十三間堂 Sanjusangendo

At this temple you will be overwhelmed by a staggering 1,001 images of the Senjukannon, the goddess of mercy. The name originates from the size of the main hall, 33 kens, or 33 spaces between the pillars. Buddhism holds that the number “33” carries symbolic significance, and that the Kannon Bodisattava is incarnated in 33 different shapes for its missions of mercy. You can never miss those awe-inspiring images of Buddha!

二条城 Nijo-Castle

This magnificent castle was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1603 for his residence to demonstrate the power and authority of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The Ninomaru Palace consists of several connected buildings with 33 tatami-mat rooms, totaling a staggering 800 tatami mats. One attraction of this castle is the Uguisu-bari or “nightingale floor “, which was built as a warning device to prevent enemies’ intrusion into the castle. It squeaks like a nightingale wherever you walk on it!

平安神宮 Heian Shrine

Heian Shrine was built in 1895 for the 1,100th anniversary of the Heian Capital foundation. It is dedicated to the first and last emperors that reigned from Kyoto, Emperor Kammu and Emperor Komei. The shrine buildings are a partial replica of the Imperial Palace of the Heian Period. The torii before the main gate is one of the largest in Japan and a beautiful garden is located behind the shrine's main buildings. An admission fee applies only to visiting the garden.

Date March 15th, 2009
Time and Places to meet Sanjusangendo at Ticket Booth 10:00
  1. Guided Tour of Sanjusangendo 10:00-11:00
  2. Guided Tour of Heian Shrine 11:20-12:20
  3. Lunch12:30-13:30
  4. Guided Tour of NiJo Castle: 14:00-15:40
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